Palace on Wheels History

" A stroll to the lane of History "

It is a well said proverb that history always repeats itself and this time it catches the eyes of the beholder. A rebirth of the fabulous traversing tradition of the yore, Palace on Wheels India has brought forth a journey tradition that melds all the diverse shades of India and takes its guests to a crisscrossing move through the heartland of Rajasthan. With a view to promote Indian tourism industry, the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) in a joint venture with Indian Railways had launched Palace on Wheels in the year 1982.

Each carriage of Palace on Wheels convey a history of its own; once used as the delicate railway coaches of the rulers of Rajasthan, Gujarat, the Nizams of Hyderabad and the Viceroys of India, today all the carriages are presenting stunning examples of bygone days regality accompanied by modern day classiness. After India got independence in 1947, all the royal rail carriages were ceased to be used. Because of their rich artistry on the inner walls, it was not possible to include these in the fleet regular passenger trains. It was only on 26th January 1982, that Palace on Wheels pioneered the tradition of luxury train journey in India and made its maiden voyage as a luxury steam engine train. This luxury Indian train started operating in a regular basis from October 1982.

Palace on Wheels is India's first luxury train and within just few years of its inauguration, the train has stolen the limelight even in the international market. Thus, in the year 1991 Palace on Wheels had been refurbished again and this time it appeared as a meter gauge train having 13 salons, kitchen car, 2 luxuriously appointed restaurants, a bar with a lounge and 4 service cars. To make the journey all the more magical, the train introduced the concept of personal 'Khudmatgars' or attendants who are made available to the service of the guests round the clock.

The delightful journey aboard Palace on Wheels earned PATA Gold Award in the year 1987 and also caught the attention of the world media including BBC, MTV, MDR of Germany, National Geographic and several others. Over the years this Indian luxury train had went through several renovations so that a more pleasant experience can be shared with the guests. High tech and avant-garde amenities were introduced that ensures a regal voyaging experience amid soul tempting lavishness.

At present the train has 14 gorgeously studded salons with rich artistry and en-suite bathroom, two multi-cuisine restaurants, a bar with a great collection of Indian and international brands of wine, a lounge with a relaxing ambience and a spa car. As the guests step aboard this magnificent world of Palace on Wheels, they are presented with arrival kits that contain various beautiful items. The surprise box keeps on untying its miraculous presentations as the journey continues to the soul of India.

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Guest Feedbacks

“Absolutely excellent wonder full staff service, itinerary,trip. You have made a dream come true for us.”
Hannes & Mia Dijkstra, South Africa

“It was as excellent tour with very kind hearted & warm hospitality on board. My family enjoyed and would have to remember sweet journey of Palace on Wheels.”
Rajesh Agarwal, UAE

“I loved the train and the chocolates thank you.”
Navyaa Agrawal, UAE

“Mr. D.P. Singh & Prahlad served us very well onboard POW both took lat of rain to meet our individual needs.”
Mr. Subhashohar, Punjari Bhatt (W)